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We are a high impact Talent Search firm based in Bengaluru offering Customized and Flexible HR Solutions

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ABOUT Skill Fitment

We are committed towards talent management services with office at Bangalore.


We are team of experienced people management leaders dedicated to achieve deliverables that match the ever growing expectations of our esteemed customers. 

Hiring Solution

Skill Fitment hiring solutions excels at both contingency and retained searches, depending on your needs and the type of job roles involved. Retained searches enable a more exclusive partnership arrangement with dedicated resources. 

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Talent Acquisition

Our extensive field expertise can steer you through development and deployment of pin-point effective talent acquisition strategies, processes and policies.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing 

We offer fully customizable service model for unique recruiting projects—ideal for start-up to mid-sized companies requiring an augmentation to their HR operations.

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Quality implementation of learning & development initiatives is essential to organizations who value their investment in human capital. Through our development programs we ensure that employees have opportunities, experiences and guidance that will enable them to be successfully deployed and connected to their work. This includes support, resources, information and learning opportunities that systematically target and improve individual performance. All our development programs are “Competency Based Training Program”. 

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