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Skill Fitment hiring solutions excels at both contingency and retained searches, depending on your needs and the type of job roles involved. Retained searches enable a more exclusive partnership arrangement with dedicated resources. Our extensive methodology provides you a unique talent acquisition solution that combines our proprietary, mature database with third party tools, social networking and personal contacts.


We expertise in manufacturing industries, vis-à-vis engineering, cement, pharma, telecom, hospitals & IT.  


All our recruiting professionals possess domain specific expertise so we are able to successfully attract and recruit the best people. 

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Talent Acquisition

Our extensive field expertise can steer you through development and deployment of pin-point effective talent acquisition strategies, processes and policies.


We can help with role definition, job description template building, interview template building, candidate assessment training, on-boarding, succession pipeline building, and many more critical human resource asset acquisition and management challenges.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

RPO broadly refers to the outsourcing of the recruiting process. We offer fully customizable service model for unique recruiting projects—ideal for start-up to mid-sized companies requiring an augmentation to their HR operations.


Deployment can be internal or external, on-site or off-site, remote or local. RPO can be used for the short-term need of high-volume hiring up to the taking on of the entire talent acquisition process. 

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